CD Review: Lyra’s Legacy – Lyra’s Legacy EP (2014)


A great first EP combining sharp guitars with a lot of fine melodies, a excellent rhythm section and many vocal variations. It’s the tension between the heavyness of the guitars and rhythm patterns on the one hand and the harmony of the voice on the other that makes this band so special.

Short Introduction

Lyra’s Legacy was founded in 2008 and consists of five musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany. Every band member brought in their individual musical experience from previous bands like Heavenfall and Frozen Fire.

Since 2011 Lyra’s Legacy is playing gigs and festivals e.g. “Metal for Mercy On Stage”, “Realms of Metal” or “Brotherhood of Metal” and shares the stage with bands like Freedom Call, House of Lords, The Name, Gloryful and Ivory Tower.

Lyra’s Legacy represents sophisticated and melodious metal and inspires the audience with their melodies, musicality and power. They’ve put out a three track EP under the title „Lyra’s Legacy“.

The cover of the Lyra’s Legacy EP, (c) by Lyra’s Legacy, used with kind permission


A compact and razorsharp three track EP is what we have here. All songs go straight into your ears and will make you headbang to them all the way. On the contrary there’s lot’s of room for emotions and slower sections with keyboards giving it a silker touch. The vocalist uses a wide range of variations for his performance which makes the tracks even more enjoyable. There are surely not only some high pitched notes in the vocals but also a lot of midtone as well as some sing-along choruses to be found.

Review by Heavy Metal Underdogs



Lyra’s Legacy expand sound to a much wider range

Some time ago we had a review of Lyra’s Legacy first output (the mini album with the same name as the band) up here for reading. Since then the band was in the studio and was closed liped about how they would move on soundwise.

Happily the silence has ended now and the band gives some insight into what’s coming up with the new release in the form of a brand new music video. The moving picture is given the title „Prisoner“ which will also be the name for the upcoming album which is scheduled for release in 2017.

The bandlogo of Lyra’s Legacy, (c) by Lyra’s Legacy, used with kind permission

The band has surprised me in a very positive way with this song. It represents a massive development the band has gone through in the recent time. The soundscape the band produced is much more powerfull and most of all tighter than on the first offering. This is sourced a lot of the rhythm section. But the overall guitars have strengthen in the pressure and the vocals also show more depth yet it all is wrapped in a warm sound package which prevents it from sounding just hard and cold.